Digital literacy – Digitala färdigheter

I think the concept digital literacy deals with practical attainments rather than competences. Practical attainments involve the process to use digital tools in the digital landscape. I agree with Douglas Belshaw when he describes the digital literacy. He suggests that it depends on which context you are placed in and that digital literacy tends to take different ways and have various of purposes. I have meet teachers who have good experience to walk around in different programs and applications in the digital arena when they teach. This can compares with practical attainments as a digital literacies. I think this is a good experience for the students. They can see when their teachers use the digital platform in an educational purpose. In this case I don´t mean powerpoint or a classic lecture, In education there is a lot of traditional learning. I found a book “Teens, technology, and literacy; or , why bad grammar isn´t always bad” by Linda W Braun from 2007. Interesting book from an educational point of view. One chapter was title “Technology + Literacy = Social Networking. It is interesting that we still have a lot of focus on the technology but now we have change the word to digital. Douglas also writes about that the significance of “digital literacy” will change over time. I agree with that, it depends on culture and your social network your in. It will change over time, we cant stop it, it just happens.

Digital literacy – Digitala färdigheter

En reaktion på ”Digital literacy – Digitala färdigheter

  1. I agree. Digital Literacy depends (and changes because of) context, time, culture and a lot of other things. And in a couple of years the word might have changed also.



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