Pia Palm here, working as Educational Technologist at Linneaus Unviersity in the Faculty of Technology. I have been here once before 🙂 but the time lacked for me, so I´m back.

For a long time I have working with e-learning, introduce teacher to different kind of equipment and environments to help them in there own netbased educational with students. I like to work close to the teachers because it let me to more understand there own environments and I can be more specific when I help them in net-based-learning.

In this course I hope to practise some new equipment and meet some new friends, there we can discuss some issues in the net-based-area.

I´m working and live in Växjö, Sweden, we have in general four seasons here but this autum have been fantastic. Warm and sunny days in September we are not used to these sunny days.

Picture from my working-window.



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