Identify your practice

Before this topic I didn´t know so much about the different design models; ADDIE Model Instructional Strategies and The Five Stage Model. When I help teachers or is involved to design different kind of assignments and outcomes I can see that a lot of our teachers do the same. The teachers create the course based on traditional concepts. Sometimes when new teachers arrived to the institution and suddenly they have become course coordinator. What can they do? Hopefully they can copy last years course and see what the other course coordinator and teachers done. But I don´t think this is the best way to create a learning situation over time. We talk very little about the students learning and outcomes and how to build and design a course that will suit for a blended learning. From my point of view I have become more secure about how I can help teachers when they ask me about how to design a course. It will also confirm and improve my daily work as an educational technologist. I will have more solid knowledge to see how a course coordinator or a teacher can design a course for a deeper learning with different modes.

I have try to think and work multimodality when I help teachers to design their course room in the LMS (learning management system). The concept multimodality is something professor Günter Kress bring to the education. In Sweden we also have professor Staffan Selander how is educate teachers and he also talk about modal learning. He thinks that the didactic concept with modality learning is when your combine different kind of media like; text, images, videos, music  etc for an educational purpose. To prepare your course you can use and show the material on several kind of modes.

When I look at the youtube clip about the ADDIE Model Instructional Strategies they have a person that talk english and different kind of images that moving on. They also put an instrumental music in the background of the talking. This kind of music in the background don´t interact with the content. The music don´t add anything about the ADDIE Model. It don´t have any educational purpose. I think when we use different kind of modes (languages) we have to be aware of why we are use them and what we want to communicate. Sometimes we use it to make it more flashy but if we really want to look into it in a pedagogical point of view we should be aware of the fact.


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Picture: Hide and Seek, fine art, by Maria Miesenberger, 2016, author: Pia Palm

Identify your practice

3 reaktioner på ”Identify your practice

  1. I really like you shared your personal experinece – the problem of copying from face-to-face teaching practice into online teaching practice is one of the most important observations that we should be aware of.

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  2. I found your refelctions very interesting since you talk from own experience Pia, also I very much agree about the lack of focus on what in a course actually facilitates learning, and a model such as ADDIE seems a very useful tool, especially for inexperienced teachers like myself

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